Emfuleni Fuels Services

Industry data reveals that refueling your own equipment can be costly, time-consuming and hazardous for operators and the environment. Schedule delays, capital expenditure including compliance requirements may all lead to a reduction in profitability and impact on your ability to compete in the marketplace.

On-site refueling demands need to be taken seriously in today's business environment. The true cost of refueling your own equipment is not only the price you pay at the pump, or bulk fuel delivered into your own storage; but also the significant hidden costs.

Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd have the experience, capabilities and resources to ensure that refueling your fleet, including consumption management, doesn't have to be a problem, and leaves you to get on with what is important to your business.
If you're passionate about increasing production, using less fuel and reducing risk; then Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd can help you.

Increased Production = Lower Down Time = Higher Profits

Whether its diesel fuel, oils, greases and lubricants; we’re all about helping our customers to increase production, use less fuel and reduce their risk. Lower down time equates to increased profitability. Increased profitability equates higher profits. Let Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd help to boost your productivity.


Mini-Fuels is owned by Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd, and this is important to us: We can draw on the expertise within the wider Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd team; we can offer an integrated approach to how we support our customers. No job is too big or too small, we can handle them all.


Fuel is a major part of many businesses and needs to be managed professionally and efficiently. Our region wide network, dedication to technological advances and commitment to helping Gauteng and businesses, all contribute to keeping our business at the forefront of our industry. We offer innovative and practical solutions to on-site fuel delivery throughout the Region.