Industry data reveals that refueling your own equipment can be costly, time-consuming and hazardous for operators and the environment. Schedule delays, capital expenditure including compliance requirements may all lead to a reduction in profitability and impact on your ability to compete in the marketplace.

On-site refueling demands need to be taken seriously in today's business environment. The true cost of refueling your own equipment is not only the price you pay at the pump, or bulk fuel delivered into your own storage; but also the significant hidden costs.

Generator refueling
Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd has the experience, capabilities and resources to ensure that refueling your fleet, including consumption management, doesn't have to be a problem, and leaves you to get on with what is important to your business.
If you're adamant about increasing production, using less fuel and reducing risk; then Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd can help you.


Diesel generators are a popular option for both hospitals and hotels. Avoid taking unnecessary risks when it’s time to top-up by calling in the professionals. Safety considerations, for both people and the environment, cannot be underestimated. Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd will refuel domestic and commercial generator tanks quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

At Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd, we pride ourselves in offering an important service to industry and the community. Our drivers enjoy getting to know our clients, many of whom have been using our services for years. “No fuss, quick service and friendly” is what our customers say about us.

The safety and environmental considerations associated with on-site refueling are extremely important. Professionalism and robust operational systems are paramount at Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd as every contingency has been addressed to the highest standards. All relevant insurance covers are in place, and each unit is equipped with the latest safety equipment.


Construction and roading

Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd have been an essential component of Gauteng’s construction and roading sectors for many years.

Refueling services offered include:

  • diesel direct to equipment,
  • direct to on-site tanks, and
  • after hour deliveries to meet your particular site requirements.

All our Mobile Units are equipped to produce comprehensive consumptions, cents per litre and fuel quantity delivered. Additional data can be provided by our sufficient and qualified staff. We also supply lubricants, greases, paraffin and oil.

Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd has become part of the solution for jobs both large and small throughout the entire Gauteng. Essentially, we excel at saving you time and money by managing your fuel consumption, reducing schedule disruptions and mitigating risks associated with each project.


On-site refueling

We are an on-site mobile refueling company with all registered documentation and BEE levels. We specialise in not only the best service but also the refueling of all: Fleet, Courier Companies (references can be provided) refueling at night when all your fleet will be safely parked in your yard. Merchant Machine onsite to swipe Fleet/Credit/Debit Cards with fuel report when done.


Numerous contractors, in a variety of business sectors, operate in very competitive commercial environments such as Courier companies. Emfuleni Fuels (Pty) Ltd offer early morning or night fill refueling because listening to our customers and embracing innovation are pivotal to our service philosophy. Similarly, we are able to provide customized consumption reporting; detailing refueling frequency, equipment and tanks filled, quantities delivered and cents per liter. There are fewer potential hazards during early morning or night refueling because the site is, often, temporarily dormant. After hours refueling can be a sensible business option because interruptions to busy daily schedules are reduced, accelerating productivity and enhancing your competitiveness in the marketplace.